Hi I’m Fana Melville and makeup artistry is my passion!

I have been in the beauty and fashion industry for 10 years and loved every moment, from management at Clinique where I attained Masterclass Accreditation to working with brands such as Issey Miyake and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Now I’ve decided to extend my vision and share my experience in the beauty industry.

Understanding our skin is a vital part to achieving a beautiful makeup finish. I’m a firm believer in having good skin prep before any makeup application, to remove excess dead skin cells so your makeup will look smooth and flawless.

Applying makeup is more than a job for me, I truly enjoy the social engagement I have with my clients, as well as ensuring they leave looking glamorous and feeling fabulous!

There’s always a flaw that we’re unhappy with, and the real skill in makeup artistry is to conceal the bad and accentuate the good, while maintaining a natural appearance. Rest assured there won’t be any caking of heavy makeup!

Instead I’ll be using the latest techniques of skin correction and contouring with the airbrush to highlight your natural beauty and fade away those concerns. You will be amazed how light airbrushing feels even with a full coverage.

Please contact me to set your booking and I’ll be looking forward to meeting you soon.