Is A Wedding Makeup Artist Worth It?

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A wedding makeup artist is an integral part of your wedding day. They make you look your best before the wedding ceremony, save you time and stress, and they help set the tone for your reception after the ceremony.

Obviously there is a cost involved in hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, and given how expensive UK weddings are, many brides question whether they can scrimp on makeup costs.

However, unless you have a professional makeup artist in your family, it is rarely a good idea to attempt your own makeup or have a friend take care of it for you, no matter how many video tutorials you’ve watched.

So let’s remind you why hiring a wedding makeup artist is always worth the expense.

Makeup Artists Have the Experience and the Skills to Make You Look Your Best

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day you’ll want to cherish forever, so you need to be looking your best! No one is better placed to achieve that outcome than a wedding makeup artist. Through years of experience and accredited qualifications, they use all of the tricks of the trade to get you looking your best while you relax and look forward to exchanging vows.

They know how to deal with every scenario, such as avoiding irritation when applying makeup to sensitive skin. Plus, they also invest in and utilise all of the latest professional tools and products to ensure you are left with a look that you could never create yourself that will last the entirety of the event.

Wedding Makeup Artists Save You Time and Stress

Whether you have pre-ceremony nerves or you are running to a tight schedule when getting ready with the rest of your bridal party, makeup artists take a load off your plate by helping you and your bridesmaids get ready.

They are happy to be up at the crack of dawn to start work on bridal hair and makeup, making your life so much easier and less stressful. You can relax with a small glass of bubbly while you are pampered in the hours leading up to your wedding, rather than stressing about time schedules and whether everyone is going to be ready on time.

Wedding Makeup Artists Get You Ready for the Camera

Of course, since it’s your wedding day, you are going to have at least a photographer, if not a videographer too. The problem is that everyday makeup looks don’t always translate well to camera shots. You can often end up looking oily or shiny or flat and underdone.

That’s why you need the help of a professional wedding makeup artist who understands the products and techniques that ensure you look flawless on all of your photos and videos.

Having Your Hair and Makeup Done Professionally for Your Wedding Gives You Access to the Best Products

One of the biggest differentiating factors that make a wedding makeup artist worth the investment is the access you gain to the best products and tools. Equipment such as professional airbrush makeup kits cost hundreds of pounds on their own.

In other words, you would have to spend often more than double or triple the cost of hiring a makeup artist just to gain access to the same quality of equipment and makeup. Makeup artists only use the highest quality brands, ensuring you don’t have to worry about running mascara or cakey foundation.

So, Is a Wedding Makeup Artist Worth it? YES!

Hopefully, you can now understand just how important it is to invest in a professional makeup artist for your big day. Not only do they guarantee that you’ll be looking your best for one of the most important days of your life, but you’ll also save time and be totally relaxed during the build-up.

Here at Huze Makeovers, we have provided our hair and makeup services to hundreds of weddings. We serve clients right across the North West, and we can travel to weddings further afield.

We only use top makeup brands such as Clinique, Lancôme, and M.A.C. We also bring a suite of equipment that ensures you enjoy a top-class look for your special day. You can even spend some time with us to run through looks and finishes to help you decide how you want to look when the time comes.

So if you would like to enlist the help of an experienced makeup artist for your wedding, then don’t hesitate to call us on 0770 9290 907 or send an email to

We look forward to helping you create the wedding look of your dreams!

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