The Best Makeup Looks from Season One of Euphoria

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Euphoria Season One inspired many of us to try new makeup looks. Whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, you are going to love this blog post as it takes a look at the best makeup looks from Euphoria. These makeup looks are going to make you feel euphoric. Try out these disruptive makeup looks to impress your friends and get a date. Abstract makeup trends are here to stay. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the best Euphoria makeup looks.

Dash of Red Pepper

Kat had a feisty attitude which was complete with her unique makeup look. The sharp red hot eyeliner look made her stand out. You need to use liquid eyeliner which has a tiny brush to get a fine line similar to Kat’s. It is easy to apply and offers more precise results. The smaller the brush the more precise the results as you need to create the inner line at the bottom of your lash line. Do not forget to add the dot that Kat wears above her cheekbone using the same liquid liner.

Iridescent Red Eyes

Jules gave us a lot of feels through her eyes. To achieve her iridescent red eyes, you need to use a red eyeliner and shadow. You will look just as good as Jules. Remember to incorporate the bright gold stick-on decals at the corner of your eyes to add some contrast to the colour. It will also add dimension to your entire look. Finish your look by placing the decals around the inner corner of your eyes.

Lashing Out

Wearing falsies has become extremely popular in recent times. Hence, you can lash out with some falsies. Besides, it will make your life a whole lot more fun. They are beautiful to look at and can be an interesting conversation starter. To get the look on your own, you need eyelashes and high-quality lash glue. Apply the glue on the base of the eyelashes and press it on your lash lines.

Covered in Gems

Cassie was the first Euphoria cast member to feature this amazing look. Get this peacock inspired eye look covered in gems by using stick-on gemstones and a teal and blue eye shadow on your lids. It will be perfect for your next Instagram post.

Indigo Eyes

Maddy rocked the rock purple eye shadow look. She managed to pull off all her purple looks. Take out your plum, lilac, and violet shadows to get started. Make sure to place some stick-on gemstones as they are a staple for each makeup look on Euphoria. Put on some false lashes, apply purple shadow on your lids, and finish it off with the gems.


Now, you can look just as good as the cast of Euphoria by trying out the Euphoria makeup hacks mentioned in this post. You are not going to regret it. If you like the results, share this post with your friends.

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